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5 Tips for Classroom Volunteers

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You don’t need to be qualified as a teacher to volunteer and the following tips will help you make the best impact in the classroom.

Dreams To Reality’s Teaching program

DTR’s Teaching program is aimed at providing basic education to children from previously disadvantaged communities, helping them learn and achieve a balanced set of life skills necessary to make a success of themselves. Our program provides volunteers from abroad with the opportunity to assist in the class room, after hours during sports development as well as assisting with computer literacy to help the children learn everything they need to know for a bright and enthusiastic future.

1.       Find out ahead of time the schedule and procedures for volunteers

South Africa’s school term is different from that of European and American schools in the northern hemisphere so be sure to determine the school holidays and terms before you book a specific time you wish to volunteer in South African schools. Also do your research on the popular sports so you know what sports the children will want to play and learn.

2.       Volunteer for something you find fun and interesting

Love reading but not so good at sports? By choosing an activity you are good at and that interest you, you will be able to maintain your level of enthusiasm as inspire a passion for learning during your stay as “teacher”.

3.       Don’t be late

Show up in the classroom when scheduled, your teacher is counting on you. Be sure to leave plenty of time for getting ready so that you can be on time.

4.       Leave your cell phone

Volunteer time isn’t social time. When you are volunteering you are focused on the children and their needs and can’t be distracted by your phone. You also need to set an example for the children and show that school time is for learning and not playing – helping them focus on learning.

5.       Honour the lesson plan

As a volunteer you will be assisting the teacher so stick closely to their study plan and guidance so you can provide them with the necessary support. The planning of lessons is crucial as it enables the children to learn about specific skills at a set time and helps them keep focused on the topic and performance measure indicated by the teacher.

Want to learn more about DTR’s teaching program? Contact us to volunteer in South Africa today.

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