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5 Ways to Volunteer While You Study

The best time to meet new people and understand new cultures through volunteering is while studying. But can you volunteer with your limited resources?

Volunteering as a student

You have probably heard this many times before, but your time as a student is the best opportunity for you to explore new cultures, go on new adventures and to make a difference in your community. And while money might be scarce, your time is your biggest resource with summer holidays and long breaks that will allow you to take time to volunteer without taking a leave of absence from an existing job. We explore 5 ways that you can volunteer while studying.

Donate time on the weekends

With your classes limiting your available time during the week, you can donate your weekends for a better cause. Set a volunteer goal for yourself, such as the amount of hours you wish to donate per weekend, and make the commitment to donate for a set period of time. You can also vary the volunteer projects you are involved in to meet more people and get a versatile experience of all the different volunteer opportunities out there.

Align yourself with volunteer organisations

You don’t necessarily need to make a difference on your own. By aligning yourself with an established volunteer organisation, your donations will form part of an established goal. These volunteer organisations will be able to use your skillset and expertise that best suit their programs and you’ll be making a bigger impact on the community. The volunteer projects will also be in touch after your volunteering is complete, showing you the results of your commitment and donation over time.

Help with cultural events

Each country has its own cultural events that are nationally celebrated. If you don’t have enough time to volunteer over a long period, volunteering at a specific cultural event will be the choice for you. These events usually rely heavily on volunteers and will allow you to volunteer for a specific time period only, helping you to use your limited time to make a difference.

Teach at underprivileged schools

There is no better way to help with the upliftment of a country than through the education system. You don’t necessary have to have a degree or teaching qualification to make a difference in a person’s life. South Africa has 11 official languages and with fluent English as a requirement, South Africans need to learn the language in order to better their chances of future employment. Students who are unable to teach full- or part-time can also volunteer at crèches and after school day-cares.

Use your university or school’s connections

Your school or university/ college will have existing connections with either volunteer organisations or non-profits which you can become a part of. Contact your school about existing volunteer projects which you can join and which you can fit in as part of your study term. This will allow you to meet students from your school and to help you to use your resources accordingly.

Dreams To Reality is a volunteer organisation situated in Muizenberg that provides a variety of volunteer programs to volunteers from abroad. From Childcare programs to Surf Outreach Projects, contact us to see how you can make a difference today.

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