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Even though South Africa has one of the highest rates of public investment in its Department of Education in the world (20% of its Gross Domestic Product), its education system is still struggling and many children in disadvantaged communities receive a poor education.

Volunteers who sign up for the DTR Teaching Program will make an important impact on young children’s education. They will be placed at either one of the two local community public schools where they will work alongside local teachers and other international volunteers. The academic subjects that volunteers will assist in teaching are Life Skills, Social Studies, English, Mathematics and Physical Studies. The DTR team built Tutoring Centres at both schools and in these Centres pupils can work in either a one-on-one or group capacity with volunteers to address any difficulties they may be having with their school work. Occasionally, teaching volunteers may be asked to help out with the Computer Training and/or Sports Programs. At the end of each term pupils write exams, during which teaching time is limited. Although the teaching program runs throughout the year, if volunteers apply for the Teaching Program during school holidays (dates listed below), they will automatically be assigned to another DTR project that runs during this time like the Childcare or Sports Development projects.

It is important to remember that you do not need to be a trained or experienced teacher to sign up as a volunteer for this program!

Please refer to the school holiday calendar down below:

School Holidays in South Africa for 2019:

06 Dec 2018- 9 Jan 2019 / 15 Mar 2019 – 2 Apr 2019 / 14 Jun 2019 – 9 Jul 2019 / 20 Sep 2019 – 1 Oct 2019 / 06 Dec 2019 – 15 Jan 2020

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Early childhood is an important developmental period but many children in underprivileged communities do not receive the care they need to help them develop to the best of their ability. The children at DTR daycare centres deal with extreme circumstances such as crime, alcohol, drug abuse and HIV/AIDS on a daily basis, and sometimes they do not have anyone who takes proper care of them. The DTR Childcare Project aims to help these children and to provide them with loving support and care. The Childcare Program consists of taking care of young children and babies, and volunteers will be placed at one of the three daycare centres that DTR is involved with. Volunteers will be expected to take a hands-on approach in caring for these children. They will assist with planning and carrying out educational and creative activities as well as feeding, cooking, cleaning and playing with the children. Volunteers will be expected to work for three to four hours daily.

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A number of poor South African schools do not have the facilities to help their pupils develop adequate computer skills. On top of this, very few teachers have the necessary computer skills and knowledge to teach school children what they need to know about computers. Computer skills are essential in our day and age and a must for the empowerment of these children, especially with consideration to their future employment opportunities.

The DTR Computer Training Program provides international volunteers with the opportunity to help local South African children become computer literate. Volunteers who want to sign up for this project have to be computer literate and preferably have some kind of computer qualification. Volunteers will work in conjunction with the local schools and will therefore have to participate in another program during the school holidays. They may also have to assist in aspects of the Teaching Program so that they have enough work during the day. Please note that during exam times (at the end of school terms) teaching work is limited.

Please refer to the school holiday calendar down below:

School Holidays in South Africa for 2019:

06 Dec 2018- 9 Jan 2019 / 15 Mar 2019 – 2 Apr 2019 / 14 Jun 2019 – 9 Jul 2019 / 20 Sep 2019 – 1 Oct 2019 / 06 Dec 2019 – 15 Jan 2020

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In many poor South African communities, schools do not have the facilities or resources to run after-school sports programs. This means that children do not have a constructive way to spend their afternoons and this them more vulnerable to partake in nefarious activities such as begging on the street, stealing or drinking. Sports, on the other hand, is a positive tool for social, psychological and physical development.

DTR’s Sports Development Program offers volunteers the opportunity to work with primary school children, Grade 1 to 7. Volunteers will assist in planning, carrying out and assessing Physical Education lessons in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Western Cape Education Department.  Volunteers will also participate in after-school sports programs, the nature of which will depend on the school they are at and the time of year they are at the school. Even though there are guidelines to be followed, volunteers who arrive with sports skills that are not known to the children will have the opportunity to share these skills. During school holidays, a holiday project where kids can stay active and improve their physical, social and personal development is run by the volunteers and the local Sports Development Manager. The program provides lunch to the children and in the past over 70 kids has shown up. This means that volunteers have to have lots of energy and enthusiasm!

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Surfing is a thrilling and uplifting water sport.  DTR’s Surf Outreach Project not only provides the children who participate with an exhilarating and constructive way to spend their time, but the pupils are also learning valuable skills about life while being taught how to surf. Pupils for the Surf Outreach are between 9 to 15 years old. The Grades 4 and 5 and rotate every second week with the Grades 6 and 7 and all of the students are able to speak basic English. On the project, three days a week are spent surfing and two days are spent playing games on the beach. Assessing progress and personal interaction with the pupils are important and volunteers will be expected to clean wetsuits, clean the Surf Development Centre, prepare sandwiches for the children as well as plan activities for the children and teaching them how to surf. Another fun benefit of signing up for the surf project is that surf volunteers will have the opportunity to learn to surf themselves with an instructor and will have full use of the surfboards in the mornings. Surf volunteers will also spend one day a week in one of the DTR schools in order to see how pupils act in an academic atmosphere, as surfing is seen as a privilege.

All volunteers who sign up for this program must be competent swimmers but do not need to be able to surf. Because this program involves different activities to the other DTR projects, the fees also differ.

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1 Week: $750 + Registration Fee

2 Week: $825 + Registration Fee

3 Week: $1040 + Registration Fee

4 Week: $1210 + Registration Fee

6 Week: $1420 + Registration Fee

8 Week: $1800 + Registration Fee

10 Week: $2160 + Registration Fee

12 Week: $2440 + Registration Fee

16 Week: $3070 + Registration Fee

20 Week: $3700 + Registration Fee

24 Week: $4340 + Registration Fee

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1 Week: $900 + Registration Fee

2 Week: $1020 + Registration Fee

3 Week: $1520 + Registration Fee

4 Week: $1790 + Registration Fee

6 Week: $2015 + Registration Fee

8 Week: $2600 + Registration Fee

10 Week: $3140 + Registration Fee

12 Week: $3600+ Registration Fee

16 Week: $4600 + Registration Fee

20 Week: $5600 + Registration Fee

24 Week: $6700 + Registration Fee

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Please note: All programs attract a Registration Fee of $200 USD on top of the Program Fee.


Registration Fee

This fee is refundable if you choose to cancel.  You will receive 24 hour support from the Dreams To Reality staff 7 days a week. The registration fee covers our program’s marketing expenditure as well as information packs.  This also covers administration fees,  travel costs to inspect programs and fees incurred through communicating with volunteers .

Program Fee

The program fee includes your airport pick up, orientation, program supervision, accommodation and meals during your volunteering period in South Africa.  You will receive 24 hour support 7 days a week.  Your program fee also includes transport to and from placements and administration costs.


Visa, flights, travel insurance (mandatory), transfer back to the airport at conclusion of program, vaccinations, souvenirs, spending money (volunteers in South Africa generally find US$200 to be sufficient for basic weekly expenses).

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