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A Gap Year for Your Career

The advance of technology has brought with it a whole host of career opportunities, making it difficult to choose a career when you finish school.

When I grow up I want to be a…

When our parents were young, their choice of career opportunities were limited, making it easier for them to choose what they want to become when they grow up, a fireman, nurse, teacher or policeman. In addition to choosing a career from only a limited few options, they then went on to stay in that career for the majority of their adult life. Today while growing up we are bombarded with various career opportunities, a career I might add that we will only stay in for a minimum of 5 years before moving on in a related field.

Options from options

While having a lot of options gives you the ability to choose the exact career that would suit you best, it is sometimes hard to know what you would like to spend the next 5 years doing when you have limited experience in the field. While you might only be spending a fraction of the time in your career than that spent by your parents, you are still required to choose a specific field that will give you ample growth opportunity for the next 5 years.

Getting to know yourself better

While it is always important to choose a good career path when you are fresh out of school, it is equally important to know what career path would suit your personality best before choosing a direction that will map out the bulk of your career. Volunteering abroad helps you get a better sense of yourself: what you like, what you do not like and how you react in stressful situations.

Volunteering as career filter

Taking a gap year is a popular way of building up some life experience, letting you see the world all the while getting to know yourself better. But while putting a year of your life aside can be fun, you must ensure you have something to show for it. Making money abroad is a good way to start your adult life, but by choosing a volunteer program you will have a meaningful event to add on your CV at the end of your gap year, opening up a new host of career opportunities in the future.

So before you can start looking at all the career opportunities out there, you first need to get to know yourself and your skill set before getting ready to choose the best career path for you.

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