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Accommodation and Meals

Dreams To Reality (DTR) provides safe and secure housing for all of its volunteers. Volunteers who sign up for the program will live together in the DTR house which is located in a safe neighbourhood in Cape Town, close to where the volunteers will be working. This creates a sense of community and provides volunteers with an opportunity to socialise.  Because volunteers are expected to share rooms they are also required to be respectful of one another. Although we do have cleaners for the houses from Monday to Friday, volunteers are expected to keep their personal and communal space tidy. We suggest that volunteers bring towels and sleeping bags for any trips they plan on taking.

Dreams To Reality supplies breakfast, lunch and dinner to its volunteers during the week. The self service breakfast will consist of cereals, toast, Tea and coffee. Lunch will most often consist of light meals such as sandwiches, salads, burgers etc. For the evening meal, meat, vegetables and a form of carbohydrates such as potatoes, bread or pasta can be expected. Both dinner and breakfast is served at the volunteer house. Volunteers with special dietary requirements will need to let the DTR team know ahead of their volunteer period so that arrangements can be made to accommodate them. Bottled water is recommend as tap water is ideal for showers and washing but not recommended for drinking. 
Remember that part of the fun of travelling to a foreign country is opening yourself up to new experiences. The DTR team promises to make sure that you are well-fed but the food will most likely be different to what you eat usually eat. So come with an open mind and try our delicious South African dishes!

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