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Alternative Gap Year Ideas

Congratulations, you graduated and are ready for your gap year abroad. So what’s stopping you from spending your gap year in Cape Town?

Cape Town ranked top holiday destination for 2014

Cape Town has been titled the number 1 holiday destination to visit in 2014 by the American newspaper New York Times and British newspaper The Guardian, confirming what all Cape Townians have known to be true for years. And now it is an official fact for reference! While waxing lyrical about Cape Town being the Design Capital of 2014, they also make mention of trendy cafes and restaurants all to be found in the fabulous and edgy Mother City. But why should you visit Cape Town in your gap year, let us list all the reasons.

A gap year should be about more than just having fun.

While it is fun to take a year off from school, travel to an exotic destination and meet new people, a gap year should also be about getting to know yourself and finding what career path would be the best choice for you. By getting to know what skills you have or that you lack, you will be in a better position to know what career choice would suit your personality and skill set the best. Gap year programs in South Africa allows students with a wide variety of events that will test their skills, how well they know themselves and their endurance, giving you enough information to make an educated career choice.

A gap year needs to go on your CV

After your travels and the grand adventure is over, you need to have something to show for your time away. If you can add that to your CV then all the better! This will set you apart from the rest of your peers and show your employer that you used your time away as a learning curve and not just to have some fun. This is where a gap year in South Africa comes in handy.

Cape Town: Holiday destination and volunteer hub

While Cape Town has many things to offer in terms of a holiday destination, it also provides a vast variety of programs where you can volunteer to make a difference and add to your CV. And the best part is that you can combine your gap year with a volunteer programme, getting to see the beautiful Cape Town and doing a charitable service that can go on your CV.

So what’s stopping you from spending your gap year in Cape Town? Have a look at our volunteer programs to see how you can make your gap year abroad an unforgettable venture.

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