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Benefits of Having a School in Vrygrond

Schools in impoverished areas are in desperate need of resources and facilities to spark enthusiasm and hope of the possibility of a brighter future.

Vrygrond’s history

Vrygrond is reputedly one of the oldest informal settlements in the Western Cape, as it was originally created by Trek fisherman who erected informal houses to live near the beach. During the Apartheid era the people of Vrygrond has seen many hardships, and only recently, through the assistance of volunteer and non-profit organisations, are some residents living in new brick houses. As per any community rife with destitution and poverty, the need for a school and after-school care and assistance have always been great, resulting in the Vrygrond Community Development Trust building a Primary School which is funded by the local government.

The Vrygrond Primary school

In 2007 the Vrygrond Community Development Trust built a Primary School, in addition to a library, houses and a crèche, to aid in the education of children in impoverished and previously disadvantaged areas. This school, which is run as a State school by the Western Cape Education Department, is the only school to the 9 000 people in Vrygrond, children having previously used schools in the neighbouring suburbs. Now children don’t need to brave the elements and dangers of the road and have easy access to a Primary School in their area. The community also has access to a community Library to promote further education and learning for children and adults alike.

Need for additional skills and support

Vrygrond was originally a “coloured” community, where Afrikaans was the dominant language. Over the years there has been an influx of largely Xhosa speaking people from the Eastern Cape. This creates a language barrier between the language of education, as the majority of Xhosa and Afrikaans speaking parents request that their children be taught in English – the language associated with better jobs and education. Many children in the area thus require additional assistance apart from school in order to learn a language that is not their Mother tongue, and this is where volunteer organisations such as DTR lend a helping hand.

Volunteers from abroad

Dreams To Reality, as a volunteer organisation, assist with the education and care of children in impoverished areas, the community of Vrygrond being one of the areas that we support. Our volunteer structure is aimed at providing volunteers from abroad with the opportunity to make a difference in poor communities, providing children with the necessary support and educational activities for an improved and balanced lifestyle. Our volunteer programs include surfing, childcare, sports development and teaching – all aimed at uplifting the children of Vrygrond.

Want to become a volunteer? Contact us for more information on how you can become part of DTR’s volunteer program.

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