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Cape Town through the Eyes of a Capetonian

cape town as seen from the sea

No matter how many travel brochures, travel reviews and articles you might read, there is nothing quite like getting the opinion of a person who actually lives or lived and worked in place for a significant period of time. This is why we decided to hit the streets and to find a real Capetonian, which is not that hard considering most people who live here don’t really want to leave, to answer our questions. Nel-Marie Nolan from Vredehoek in Cape Town was kind enough to take the time to answer all our questions, and did a pretty good job.

How long have you lived in Cape Town?

12 years

What’s your favourite time of year?

Definitely summer time in Cape Town (Capetonians love to complain about the weather ;)) when you can take full advantage of everything Cape Town has to offer. The mountain, the oceans and beaches, beer at &Union or Van Hunks and of course braais at your only friend from the Burbs’ place!

What is your favourite thing to do in Cape Town?

I think I just listed them (jumping the gun, as always) But my most favorite is late night Pizza at Clifton 4 on a full moon, hot summer night with my boo <3

Note: You can order pizza to the parking lot!

Where can you find the best views of the city?

Easy! Right at the top of Table Mountain. Do the hike up and you’ll enjoy it so much more.

Where can you find the best local food?

I’m a steak girl, so for me definitely Carne SA. They make the most amazing steaks. But if you’re looking for something a little more “African” Moyo is a great restaurant and quite interactive. I think tourists enjoy it.

Which beach, in your opinion, is the nicest beach to go to and why?

Now that I’m not sharing, it’s my little secret 🙂 But the *Cliftons are great because they’re a little sheltered from wind. *Might get bashed for that.

What should everyone who visits Cape Town do?

Obviously go up the mountain, it’s what and who we are! But there are a few other interesting places such as taking a peninsula drive for the penguins at Cape Point, which shouldn’t be missed either.

See you soon!

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