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Cape Town Township Tour on a Bicycle

Township Tour Cape Town

Dreams To Reality know you don’t just want to see Cape Town, you want to experience it. With our vast knowledge of the variety of tours and activities available in the Cape Peninsula, we’ll guide you to the unique and exciting tourist attractions available in South Africa.

Going on a gap year abroad

Choosing to go on a gap year is a difficult decision, deciding to go on a gap year in South Africa is easy. Being a country of many traditions and cultures, South Africa will inspire you with her generosity and exotic cultures, making it easy to decide what to do in a gap year and ensuring you will always come back for more.

Township Bike Tours

Whether on a gap year or simply on holiday, the Bicycle Township Tour in the Masiphumelele community is a must on your to-do list. Done in conjunction with AWOL Tours, the bicycle tour allows tourists to experience the everyday life of the average South African and all profits are sent to the Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN) a non-profit organisation.

Let’s get pedalling!

Smell the delicious aromas of a grandma’s hearty stew, laugh with the children racing along your bike and experience the generous South African spirit as you have never done before. This unique tour allows you to get up close and personal with the South African culture. The tour provides you with a bicycle and a guide who’ll take you through the winding roads of the township and showing you all the best spots to take pictures and meet the locals.

Bicycles as financial benefit

The Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN) imports second hand bikes locally and internationally, which is then sold to the community, empowering them to be able to go to work, school and in and around the township. The bicycle represents so much more than a simple means of transportation to the community, it represents the ability to make a living independently. The Bike tour programme has generated significant, sustainable benefits and has proven to provide real, lasting benefits for the local people.

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