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Celebrating Human Rights Day in SA

South African Human Rights Day is linked with 21 March 1960 and the events of Sharpeville, where 69 people died and 180 were wounded when police fired on a protest against the Pass laws and it became an iconic date in our country’s troubled history.

What are human rights?
Human rights are privileges that everyone should have. It is the right to life, freedom, equality and human dignity and is stipulated in the South African Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is the cornerstone of democracy and is a declaration of the democratic values all South Africans have a right to receive.

What are your rights?

In terms of the South African Bill of Rights everyone has the following rights.

  • All persons have a right to citizenship and security.
  • All persons have a right to privacy and to exercise political rights; all have a right to access to information and just administration action.
  • All have a right to freedom of movement and residence and of trade, occupation and profession.
  • The Bill of Rights also specifies the rights of persons belonging to cultural, religious or linguistic communities and the rights of children.
  • In addition, there are specific laws to safeguard women and protect children.  

Dreams To Reality and Human Rights

Although stipulated as requirements in the South African Bill of Rights, a lot of children still do not have access to their basic human rights and privileges. Our DTR volunteer programmes are all specifically formulated to provide children and minors with the basic human rights to which they are entitled, ensuring that every child has the freedom, equality and human dignity for which those in Sharpeville fought and lost their lives.

Volunteer in Cape Town

Contact us today to find out how you can volunteer in Cape Town and participate in ensuring every child has the basic right to life.

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