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Celebrating Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day we get to be thankful for our mothers and their commitment to our upbringing, and it is a good time to reflect on those who were not so fortunate as to have a mother’s love.

Foster care in South Africa

With economic constraints and difficult socio-economic environments, it is difficult for families who are already under a lot of strain to take on the additional responsibility of another child. Grandmothers and extended family members are known to take in orphaned family members but, with the money being tight and having a lot of children to care for, not all children are receiving the attention and care they seek and ultimately deserve.

Volunteering and non-profit organisations

To compensate for the difficult circumstances and lack of funds, various volunteer programs and non-profit organisations provide funding and support to foster care homes and orphanages alike. Initiatives such as Nelson Mandela’s campaign to give up 1 hour of your day to charity has increased the awareness of South Africa’s ever growing situation and resulted in an uptake of charitable foundations and volunteering.

Dreams To Reality Volunteering programs

At Dreams To Reality we understand the importance of the formative years and focus on the upliftment and support of children in Cape Town. We teach children the value of love, support and sportsmanship by teaching them a variety of skills and ensuring they have fun along the way. Not only does this teach them a skill to use when they are grown, but it also assist them with their functional development and empowers them to embrace their future with confidence and enthusiasm.

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