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Choosing Your Programme When Volunteering Abroad

volunteering with children

All programmes provided by Dreams To Reality are fun and gratifying experiences but choosing the right programme for your personality and skill set could add even more value to the communities when volunteering abroad. You know what you like best, let us help you choose!

Programme 1 – Teaching

Are you patient and love imparting knowledge to others? The DTR Teaching programme helps schools in disadvantaged areas to teach their pupils not only about school, but also about life skills and to provide the support needed while growing up. For tips on How To Be A Great Teaching Assistant Volunteer, click here.

Programme 2 – Childcare

The formative years are the most important years in a child’s life. Through playing and baking this programme will cover all the aspects of childcare and child nurturing to ensure the children start life with a positive and encouraging attitude. If you are good with small children and babies then this is the programme for you! Click here to read about the Childcare Programme At Dreams To Reality.

Programme 3 – Computer Training

This programme focuses on the importance of computer training skills to enable pupils to make their way in today’s digital age. You don’t need to be an experienced computer whizz to love this programme! All it requires is a general understanding of computers and you will be able to teach a child a skill that he will use for the rest of his life. For more info on Computer Literacy Volunteering In Cape Town click here.

Programme 4 – Sports Development

Are you fit, active and well clued up on a variety of sports? The sports development programme reaches children through their universal love for sport and helps them understand the value of sportsmanship and teamwork. Soccer will be a given, and who knows, maybe you will train the next Didier Drogba? Click here to read about the Sports Development Program At Dreams To Reality.

Programme 5 – Surf Outreach

This fun and exhilarating beach programme teaches children valuable life skills through surfing. Not only will it teach them to swim, but it will nurture their love for the environment and teach them to respect Nature and her elements. Just remember: Being able to swim is a must! Read more about how Volunteer Surf Coaching Makes A Difference.

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