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Christmas – Giving in a different way

Christmas volunteering with Dreams to Reality

In 2011 Dreams to Reality had their first Christmas lunch. This wasn’t just any Christmas meal. No. DTR celebrated Christmas day with 700 hundred people. 700 people with very little, where given a lovely Christmas meal and ultimately that’s what Christmas should be about.

We’ve all had the big family Christmas meal or spent most of our money on Christmas presents. It’s stressful, exciting, it’s indulgent and January inevitably sucks as a result. But it’s ok, it’s ok to celebrate Christmas and it’s ok to indulge. However, it’s also a time to be grateful and look forward.

Sometimes Christmas is just like any other day. There are no presents and no fancy meals. Let’s be honest, nobody has to celebrate Christmas, but it’s hard not to get swept up in the magic, even if you aren’t incredibly religious. So when a large part of the world is celebrating Christmas and some people can’t because they can’t afford it, it’s quite sad.

I don’t know where Christmas’ generosity message comes from. Is it maybe Dickens that started it all? Or does it come from the birth of Christ and the fact that there was a presentation of gifts made by wise men? Anyways, where ever the tradition of giving comes from, Christmas has the undeniable association with generosity towards the poor and it’s an incredible thing.

Have you considered doing something different this Christmas, maybe donating time and special skills together as a family? Share your Christmas volunteering experiences below. We’d love to hear about it!

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