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Computer Literacy and Volunteering in South Africa

Computer Literacy Program for Volunteers to South Africa

South African learners in underprivileged communities have to overcome numerous obstacles to receive a proper education. For example, schools in townships and poor, rural communities are often underfunded and lack the resources to meet the pupil’s educational needs.

In some rural and underprivileged communities, students also do not have access to working computers. Computer classes are taught ‘theoretically’ because there aren’t any working computers. Limited resources within schools mean that school computers are available to each pupil for a limited amount of time, often as little as for an hour, each week. Teachers don’t always know how to use computers and the computers that are available are old, in poor condition and don’t have access to the internet because it is too expensive. Not many of these children have computers at home and alternatives such as internet cafés are expensive for learners from low-income households.

This means that learners from these communities do not have the computer skills that students from more privileged communities do. Computer skills and literacy have become essential in our day-to-day lives and, especially, in the job market. Not being able to work on a computer severely disrupts a person’s chances in life. It is essential for anyone who wants to compete in the job market, access information or interact with friends and family across all age groups to be computer literate.

Dreams To Reality Computer Training Volunteer Program

Dreams To Reality (DTR) is a volunteer organisation that provides international volunteers with quality, flexible, safe and highly affordable volunteer placements in two communities near Cape Town, South Africa. While DTR offers Teaching, Childcare, Sports, and Surfing Development Programs, we also offer a Computer Training Volunteer Program.

DTR’s Computer Training Volunteer project allows volunteers to help local children develop their computer skills. Volunteers can therefore make a valuable contribution by teaching basic computer skills which not only allow the children in townships and rural communities access to the internet, but also will enable them and help with their employment prospects. This project is run through a local school which means volunteers will be required to participate in another placement during school holidays. Volunteers in this program can also assist with the teaching program to ensure they have enough work per day. Towards the end of each term exams will be written and teaching work is limited during the exam periods.Volunteers on this program must be computer literate and ideally have some computer relevant qualifications.

To find out more about becoming a volunteer for Dreams To Reality, click here.

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