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Concerned about Volunteers Fatigue?

Volunteering Fatigue

When you’re volunteering your time, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that energy is finite.  Many times the energy output is strong from a few hours, to a few weeks. There are those who seem to be applying for their angel wings, but for many a realistic expectation of output is important.

How to manage Volunteer Fatigue:

  • Understand that energy needs to be replenished. Eating, sleeping, resting, hanging with friends, reading, mowing your grass, daydreaming on your porch, having a drink can all be ways of replenishing energy.

  • Understand where you fit in. Perhaps the worst situation is to show up to volunteer and then stand around without any idea of what to do next.

  • Leadership is pivotal.  Perhaps you are the leader, perhaps you need to ask for one, or perhaps you need to become one.  A leader points the way, encourages, gives energy where there isn’t.

  • Allow time for your normal life.  Budget your time where things that don’t matter, like 5 hours of TV watching a day, can give way to things that matter.  Enjoy cooking a meal at, exploring Cape Town and meeting few people.

If we end up broken, exhausted, out of energy, the world will be a darker place. Manage your time so you have maximum efficiency when volunteering.


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