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Durban Surf Carnival 2014

Surf Volunteering

Take that gap year before university and surf with the pro’s at Durban’s Surf Carnival.

Surf Carnival 2014

It is time again for the annual Durban Surf Carnival with surfers all around the country heading to Durban’s Golden Mile New Pier Beach on June the 6th. This event hosts a number of surfing disciplines among which Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP), Learn to Surf Clinic and Longboarding are but a few. The competition is free to the public with a SNAP SHOT Photographic Competition which is open to all students as well, ensuring that there’s some exciting activities even for those who do not surf. At The Learn to Surf Clinic the pro’s pass on all their skills to the visitors who attend the Surf Carnival, showing that it is never too late to learn new skills in your life.

Surfing as volunteer programme

With a wide variety of gap year programs available in South Africa, DTR’s Surf Outreach Program lets you give back to the community as well as have a fun time on the beach. The Surf Outreach Project not only provides the children with an exhilarating and constructive way to spend their time, but allows them to learn valuable life skills such as swimming while learning how to surf. Another fun benefit of signing up for the Surf Outreach Project is that you will be able to surf or even learn to surf. An instructor will be present to help with teaching the children and, should you not know how to surf as that is not a requirement for the program, you’ll be taught as well. All you need to do is make sure you are a competent swimmer and sign up to volunteer today.

A gap year before university

Getting to know yourself better before committing to a career path is a good way to ensure that you are choosing the right subjects at university or even the right start-up job after graduation. Not only are you honing your skills and seeing what type of environment you are most suited for, but you have something to add to your CV in addition to good life experience. While your gap year must assuredly be fun, it is all about honing existing skills and learning new ones, making the DTR Surf Outreach Project a winner. Combined with South Africa’s great weather and waves, the Surf Outreach Project will ensure you have the best time on your gap year abroad.



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