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How Will Becoming A Dreams To Reality Volunteer Benefit You?

When you become a volunteer with Dreams To Reality Volunteer in Cape Town, South Africa, you give up your own, personal time in order to help others. There are lots of ways in which volunteering can help you as well as those around you.

Help Others
Volunteering has a positive impact on the community. As a volunteer at Dreams To Reality (DTR), you will be able to help the children in the disadvantaged communities in South Africa in a number of ways. By signing up for one of our programs (the Teaching, Childcare, Computer, Sports Development or Surf Outreach Programs) you will be giving children from disadvantaged communities the opportunity to empower themselves by providing them with the tools that they need in order to build a pathway out of poverty.

Volunteering gives you an insider’s perspective that few people have about a community and a culture and the issues that these people face. Few people are given the chance to immerse themselves in a foreign culture, to expand their worldview and to challenge their own personal beliefs.

Make New Friends
Volunteering at DTR is a great way to meet new people from all over the world and make new friends and contacts. DTR gets about 50 volunteers each month, from places like the USA, the UK, Australia, China and many more. You will have the chance to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life and form connections that can last a lifetime.

Volunteering Makes You Happy
When you are helping others, it increases your self-esteem and life satisfaction. Doing something meaningful with your life also helps give you a sense of accomplishment and identity. Studies by researchers at the London School of Economics found that the more people volunteered, the happier they were.

Career Advantages
Volunteering gives you the opportunity to develop important skills in diverse and creative environments. After volunteering at DTR, you will have experience in teamwork, communication, discipline, project-planning, task-implementation and organisation and these are all skills that future employers will consider an asset.

Have Fun
While volunteering with DTR, you will have time to travel and explore a new country while helping others. As a DTR volunteer, you will work during the day but will also have a lots of free time to go sightseeing, have adventures and explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Cape Town not only has a variety of sightseeing activities that explores the country’s rich cultural and majestic natural landscape, it also has numerous activities for adventure and an exciting nightlife. Cape Town’s diverse vibe and energy will have you trawling its streets during the day and partying the night away. This festive city is the perfect place to spend your down-town, whether you choose to sip cocktails next to the beach or go on a wine tour. There are dozens of vibey bars, clubs, unique jazz cafes, opera, independent theatre and movie houses all of which offer great live music, entertainment or simply a good time out.

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