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How Can I Contribute Without Donating Money?

Volunteering Facts

Donating isn’t just about money. Your time, effort, blood and remains can all contribute to a bigger cause, making just as big an impact as donating your money.

Monetary donations

Not everyone is in the position where they can donate money to various causes and charities. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot make a difference in the lives of others. We look at a few ways you can contribute to your local or international charities and causes without donating money.

1.       Donate your time

A lot of volunteer organisations don’t have enough volunteers to assist with their programs. Whether it is helping out in your local soup kitchen or teaching less fortunate adults to learn to read, your time and effort can help people even more than a monetary contribution. Find an existing charitable foundation close to you and ask them how you can help by donating your time. Set yourself a minimum of hours you will allocate in a week and you can even help with a variety of charitable organisations.

2.       Donate blood

Not everything we have to give can be bought by the charitable organisation. While your monetary contributions to the South African National Blood Service can help buy supplies and facilities, they still need the gift of blood in order to save people’s lives. No matter what your blood type, by donating blood you are ensuring that there are always blood available. This painless procedure takes very little time and sometimes the Blood Bank will even come to you to draw blood at your location.

3.       Register as an organ donor

The gift of life can carry many forms. Few of us actually think about what will happen to us when we die and even in death, we can make an invaluable contribution through the donation of our organs. Register as an organ donor and carry your donor card in your wallet so you can be the difference in someone’s life someday.

4.       Donate old things to charity shops

Even if you don’t have money to buy new things for a charitable cause, you can donate old toys and clothing you no longer have a need for. Old clothing and blankets, especially in winter time, can make a big difference to those sleeping outside and toys and games you have outgrown will make excellent gifts for local orphanages and shelters. And while it may have sentimental value to you, just think of all the fun other children could have playing with your old toys and making memories of their own.

Dreams to Reality volunteer organisation

Volunteer organisations such as Dreams To Reality aim to address the lack of funds and resources by providing educational and financial support to the communities of Capricon, Vrygrond and Imizamo Yethu in Cape Town. As many families cannot afford day care facilities and basic education, DTR provides volunteers from abroad with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. DTR programmes include Teaching, Childcare, Computer training, Sports Development and Surf Outreach projects.


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