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How sport is a weapon against poverty

children doing sports

Child poverty is everywhere, the face of the problem may differ in some parts of the world, but the effects are the same. If a child grows up persistent conditions of poverty, they are much more likely to suffer from health issues, developmental delays and behaviour problems. Children who grow up in poverty are also far more likely to experience poverty as adults, largely as a result of a lack education.

It is in the interest of both governments, community’s individuals to improve the circumstances of those affected by their living conditions. Child poverty in South Africa has many different causes however focussing solely on the problems and the causes is often discouraging and doesn’t solve anything. Then again, realistically, can’t solve all the problems associated with poverty, but we can help to heal the wounds and minimise its effects. This is why we do the Dreams to Reality sports and surf instruction programs.

There are numerous statistics that show the benefit of sports in communities. UNICEF even have their own sports initiatives. Sports are an incredibly powerful tool in minimising the effects of poverty and maybe even preventing poverty itself for the following reasons:


Physical activity and sports are associated with physical, social and mental health benefits. This means that children are able to function better in their day to day lives, being better able to learn and more disciplined. Improved physical health may also mean that the government won’t have to spend as much money to deal with the effects of health difficulties in youth children.


UNICEF calls sports a ‘school for life’ as it teaches children discipline, teamwork, fair play, respect for others and the benefits of positive competition. Decent sports programs in schools have also been shown to keep children from dropping out and leaving schools.


For many kids, doing sports after school is a constructive way to spend their time, keeping them out of harm’s way. Especially in communities where the influences of alcohol, drugs and violence tend to affect children at a young age.

If you are interested in knowing more about what we do, please feel free to contact us and if you wish, even become a volunteer with Dreams to Reality.

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