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How to raise funds for your program fees

Making a difference in the lives of less fortunate communities in South Africa are not just for those who can afford it and who have the program money ready immediately. We list 5 methods you can use to help raise funds for your program fees.

5 methods to fund raising

1. Decide on a volunteer program and timeline

By thoroughly researching different volunteer organisations in South Africa you will be able to compare the various volunteer programs and volunteer destinations, helping you choose a program that is situated in a city you wish to visit and who offer a program that you are passionate about. Volunteer programs also have different volunteer periods from 1 week to 8 weeks, so choose a timeline whose fees you would be able to raise in time.

 2. Determine your budget

Once you have chosen your program, make a list of all the expenses that are not included in your program fees such as travel insurance, flight expenses, transport to the airport and any additional expenses you might incur. Once you have determined your budget, plot how much time you have available to raise the total before your departure date. This helps you build realistic goals and help you determine how best to spend your time. Fundraising can take a lot of time so make sure to work towards your goals!

 3. Set up a website or a blog

Create a travel blog where you list all the details of your trip, your reasons for wanting to go as well as how your being part of a volunteer organisation in South Africa will make an impact on the community and yourself. Be transparent and list all your expenses so people can see how much you have raised and how far you still need to go. Direct friends and family who wishes to donate to the site so they can see what their donations will achieve.

 4. Create fundraising events

Organising events as a means of fund-raising can be much fun and a great way to involve your friends and members of your community while simultaneously raising awareness for your cause. Organise a bake sale or garage sale or dinner at your house to raise money. Other ideas include sponsoring sport events or organising a pub quiz at your local bar.

 5. Earn money and save

By earning and saving your own money, you are showing that you are committed to your cause and will encourage others to support you with donations of their own. Offer your services as a dog walker, pet sitter, babysitter, gardener, car washer etc. to your friends and neighbours and inform them that you are doing these services in order to be able to volunteer as it might create more business for you.

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