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How Volunteering Helps You Stand Out From the Crowd

While we often hear that volunteering is good for you,a lot of people don’t realise that by doing volunteer work you are also furthering your career. By donating your time and skills to the Dreams To Reality volunteer organization, you can attract future employers while taking time to help others and have some fun while travelling.

Employers look for characteristics that make you different, that gives them a reason to hire you. Volunteering will definitely give you the edge that you need.

What employers are looking for

Becoming a volunteer is a good career strategy. Especially when doing so in a foreign country, you are demonstrating that you are a passionate, proactive person and that you know how to take initiative, no matter what your future career choices.

By becoming a volunteer in an international country, you broaden your horizons and make new contacts. It never hurts talking to people and you never know where it might lead. Who knows, your next career might be right around the corner!

Volunteering helps you gain skills that makes you more marketable, no matter what industry you are in. It shows commitment, dedication and helps you to build skills in a dedicated work environment where you are not receiving compensation.

Dreams To Reality Volunteer Organization

If you are considering a career working with children, in charities, NGO’s, sports development, cultural studies, volunteering with DTR is a good way to test the waters or gain experience. Even if you are not considering a career in these fields, volunteer work can still help you with your career ambitions.

Volunteering at Dreams To Reality requires the same skills as most professional jobs but you have the added benefit of simultaneously helping others and exploring a beautiful country. For example, working as a volunteer with our program builds patience, dedication, communication and other marketable skills.

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