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Integrating Into A New Culture

Integrating into a new culture

Learning about a new culture is exciting. It gives you an opportunity to appreciate the uniqueness of a different culture . Sometimes you will also see the commonalities you didn’t expect. You’ll find that when I spent more time connecting with people outside your cultural group, you will actually became more interested in learning more about your own culture. Making you reflect on how your cultural roots has shaped the individual you are and how to accommodate the existing and new culture around you.

While learning a new culture  is fun and exciting, embracing it can be hard and challenging. Our culture is our way of being. The way we think, feel and act is greatly influenced by our culture. Now to say, that we want to embrace a new culture implies adding it to our existing way of being  and allowing it to influence us. To allow a new culture to influence us we  have to go through a mental process of first making the choice to allow it. Your choice is based on whether we believe that embracing a new culture is actually good for us.

Some tips for integrating into a new culture:

  • Be humble

  • Be curious

  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable

  • Appreciate everything

  • Embrace culture shock

  • Attempt to learn the language

Embracing and integrating into a new culture is truly a complicated process but it starts with a simple decision of making a choice. Make the choice to embrace and ensure you’re open to the volunteer experience.

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