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International Museum Day in Western Cape

International Museum Day is celebrated on Sunday 18 May to encourage awareness of the role of museums in the development of our communities. This event has been celebrated across the world every year since its establishment in 1977.

Museum collections make connections

Every year, International Museum Day is celebrated around a given theme that aims at promoting museum issues in society. The 2014 theme “Museum collections make connections” emphasises how exhibitions tell a story relevant to all communities to build shared memories across society.

The importance of museums for our community

The museum is an institution that preserves and communicates the past, yet it is grounded in the present. In its very essence, it is a link between the generations, as it allows present and future generations to better comprehend their origins and history. This theme also emphasizes the collaborations between museums worldwide and their importance for cultural exchanges and the knowledge of the world’s cultures. In the Western Cape, there are currently 29 museums : four provincial museums, 19 province-aided museums and six local museums. Our programmes help school learners to benefit from the many museum resources at our disposal and we mount exhibitions linked to significant events.

Western Cape’s first regional museum

A number of significant developments will affect the Western Cape museums landscape soon. During his 2014 Budget Speech, Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport Dr Ivan Meyer announced that the Western Cape’s first regional museum will be opening in Adderley Street in Cape Town.  Our museums give us a better understanding of our past so that we can embrace and respect others. They also encourage the next generation to commemorate the past, celebrate the present and build strong foundations for the future.

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