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Most SA Children Still Live in Poverty

More than 50% of South African children are crying themselves to sleep because they went to bed hungry according to the South African Child Gauge report 2012.

56% of children live below the poverty line

The poverty line is the minimum level of income deemed adequate in order to survive. While most age groups show an approximate 30% representative of the total living below the poverty line, more than half of South Africa’s children live in households with a monthly income of less than R575 a person and have little to no resources for education and school.

Correlation between education and poverty

South African children face many challenges growing up. Poverty and a lack of facilities is an impactful barrier to education and development. It is estimated that one in six children live far from their primary school, making it difficult for regular attendance and learning growth. In the latest Poverty Trends report released by StatsSA, there is a strong correlation between education and decreased levels of poverty. Proving that providing children from poor households the opportunity and access to basic education can in turn result in them being able to break the cycle of poverty and drastically increase their living standards in the future

Volunteer organisations

While the South African government provide support in terms of child support grants of approximately R310 a month, the benefit of the grant is under debate and not enough to make a big impact on the lives of children. In response to the need for community support and basic education facilities, volunteer organisations have created special programs that aim to uplift the children in impoverished communities, helping them achieve the necessary skills to make a success of themselves.

Dreams To Reality Volunteering

At Dreams To Reality we are not simply a volunteer organisation that teaches children basic education. Our programs are aimed at teaching children a variety of skills not only restricted to the schoolroom with extracurricular activities such as sports and surfing. Our programs teaches the children everything they need to improve their lives as well as the ability to have fun.

For more information on how you can volunteer abroad with DTR, contact us.

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