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Mzoli’s Place in Gugulethu

Mzoli’s restaurant is a popular day and night spot in Guguletu, an informal settlement in Cape Town. From selling meat informally from a garage, Mzoli’s has become one of the most popular hangouts in Gugulethu.

The popular Mzoli’s Place

Mzoli’s Place is extremely popular not only with the local residents but with out-of-towners alike. Celebs hang out with regulars and international visitors as nobody would miss a chance to visit the place when in Cape Town. Volunteers of programmes located in Cape Town can visit Mzoli’s after a hard day’s work and end the day with the camaraderie of local South Africans.

Mzoli’s Meat butchery

Mzoli’s is about meat. The famous meat house sells meat, which you can then braai on one of eight fires in the open-air restaurant which also offers a live band. By late afternoon the restaurant has already seated around 250 people, all looking to sample the fantastic meat that Mzoli’s Meat provides and to experience the friendly local atmosphere.

Both Fashionable and Popular

While only a local restaurant, people dress up to attend the bustling butchery, which is also a music venue and something of a fashion extravaganza. Girls all look beautiful with a variety of hair styles, and men dress up in fancy shoes and tight jeans. Mzoli’s also let you bring your own alcohol, or buy it in a nearby liquor store, showing that Mzoli’s is all about its guests having a good time together.

Community development project in Cape Town

Mzoli’s was opened in 2003 by Mzoli Ngcawuzele, who got a start-up fund from the Development Bank of South Africa as part of their support of black-owned businesses. It is part of a few community development projects in Cape Town and has shown its success by becoming one of the most popular hangouts for locals and international tourists alike.

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