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Poverty Line – Living on R321 per month

According to Statistics SA in 2011 up to 20% of South Africans lived below the food poverty line of R321 ($29.751) per month for food.

South African poverty

South Africa has been struggling with the impact of poverty on communities with many households living under the poverty line. The poverty threshold, or poverty line, is the minimum level of income deemed adequate in a particular country. The common international poverty line is estimated at roughly $1.25 by the World Bank in 2005.

Statistics SA used three different types of poverty lines in the 2011 report.

South Africa categorised the poverty line further into three categories based on the income per month and what it need to be spent on. These categories consists of the food poverty line, the lower-bound poverty line and the upper-bound poverty line.

The food poverty line is estimated at R321 ($29.75) a month to buy food, the lower-bound poverty line is estimated at R433 ($40.13) a month to buy food and clothing and the upper-bound poverty line is estimated at R620 ($57.46) a month to buy food, clothes and provide shelter.

Using the food poverty line the 2011 study by Statistics SA was able to identify that 10.2 million people in South Africa were living below the food poverty line, while 16.3 million people were living on the lower-bound poverty line.

Percentage of population living on less than $1.25 per day. UN estimates 2000–2007.

The below graph shows the United Nations’ estimate for the percentage of the country’s population that lives on less than $1.25 per day with South Africa having a percentage of 21 – 40%.

under poverty line

Volunteer Organisations

Volunteer organisations such as Dreams To Reality not only provides educational and fun activities for the children, but also provide meals and nutritional snacks that the children do not have access to at home. Maintaining a healthy diet helps the children to focus and concentrate in school, better enabling them to learn and take part in sports activities.

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