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Pursuing your Hobby as a Career

When thinking about the foreseeable future, it is easy to think that a career must be something that makes you loads of money and which forces you to wear a pant-suit.

Career opportunities and success

At school we are always taught our career choice should make us money for many years to come and new ideas and out-of-the-box suggestions are labelled as “risky”. While these career options would most definitely give the best job security and is a “safe” choice, entrepreneurs who created products such as Google and YouTube would never have gotten to create one of the world’s most influential creations of all time without doing something that they loved and truly believed in. At Dreams To Reality we believe in making the most of life’s opportunities and celebrate the success stories of ordinary people who dreamt big and made that dream a reality, while making some serious money on the way.

The $1.2 million Gardening business

Craig Jenkins-Sutton started designing gardens with no formal landscaping training and only his lifelong green thumb. After deciding he did not want to work for someone else he started his own company with only 1 customer in 2003. After years of hard work he doubled his revenue to $1.2 million only last year.

The $6.2 million Sewing business

Megan Duckett started her own company when her part-time sewing gigs were bringing in more money than her full-time job. She quit her job and rented an 800-square-foot warehouse, hired three seamstresses and generated $80 000 in revenue in her first year. Her brand ‘Sew what?’ also branched out to her second business ‘Rent What?’ which generated up to $6.2 million to date.

Dreams To Reality: Our Story

After a successfully graduation at UCT, Tim Murray (Director and Founder of DTR) felt that he could do more to help the less privileged people of Cape Town decided to join a volunteer organization in the city.  Tim decided he had found his calling in life and took the plunge to set up his own volunteer operation.  Iviwe Sixolo (Director and Co-Founder) worked at St Anne’s Homes, a shelter for abused women and children, before joining Tim at another volunteer organisation. Together they created Dreams To Reality and have built an organization that both celebrates and empowers children, attracting volunteers from all around the World and truly changing the lives of countless for the better.

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