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SA – The Most Affordable Country to Visit

South Africa is a beautiful travel destination, rich with diverse traditional cultures and natural beauty, and it’s also on the list of the most affordable country to visit.

Travelling on a shoe string budget

While travelling in a group on a set tour can be a fun and effective way of seeing all the tourist attractions when you travel, you can’t always afford those fancy hotels and fine dining experiences when travelling on a shoe string budget. And while South Africa is a long way away from Europe and the Americas, our exchange rate and affordability make us one of the most reasonably priced countries to visit, for those who are on tour and for those backpacking on a smaller budget.

Johannesburg is three times cheaper than Tokyo

While Cape Town has the beach, beautiful weather and Table Mountain, if your budget is limited Johannesburg might fit your wallet better. Voted as one of the most affordable cities in the world for foreigners by the Worldwide Cost of Living survey, Johannesburg is almost three times cheaper than Tokyo, one of the most expensive cities. And what holiday can’t do with a little extra budget!

Best country to live in

Not only is South Africa the most affordable country to visit, we are also the one of the best countries to live in, as voted by 5 100 expatriates in a global survey. Commissioned by HSBC Bank International, the Expat Explorer survey explores the experiences of expats while they work abroad, measuring which country is easiest for foreigners to call home. South Africa was rated among the top nations thanks to the friendly nature of our residents who are always willing to embrace new people in their society. Other lifestyle factors that were vital to our success were factors like ease of making friends with locals, setting up bank accounts, learning the language, and arranging healthcare.

Dream destination

As a final feather in our caps South Africa was named as the top dream destination in the world by members of the world’s largest travel and lifestyle social network, Where Are You Now (or WAYN.com), beating out the likes of Brazil, India and Dubai for the honours.

So now you have no excuse, come visit us in the most affordable dream destination to live in today.


Source: Information and statistics from SouthAfrica.info

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