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Sport to build a better world

While many consider sport a good outlet for frustration and physical energies, there are so much more benefits to sport than just the physical advantages.

Sport in South Africa

In 2010 the Healthy Active Kids Report Card was published by a panel of health scientists which gave the overall health of South African children a grade of C- due to unhealthy eating, tobacco use and physical education. The report shows children from single-parent homes, or who come from more disadvantaged circumstances are less likely to participate in leisure-time physical activity. Less than 70% of high-school learners have regularly scheduled Physical Education, and physical education classes in disadvantaged primary schools are even less frequent. These statistics provides even more motivation for volunteer organisations to offer sports programs aimed at equal opportunities for those faced with financial challenges.

Sport for new skills and teamwork

Dreams To Reality knows that there are some skills you just cannot learn in the schoolroom and our  Sports Development Program is one of the volunteer organisation programs that identifies the importance of participation in sport to improve team spirit, skill building and development amongst underprivileged children. Not only are these children given an outlet for their fears, frustrations and enthusiasm but they are encouraged to give their all, practice their abilities and above all, keep their childlike enthusiasm for life and the future.

Sport as health measure

In addition to learning about teamwork, active children are more likely to mature into physically active adults. Benefits of sport and physical activity for children include reduced risk of obesity, increased cardiovascular fitness, improved coordination and balance, better sleep and improved social skills. Best of all, getting moving is fun and the children learn valuable life skills through fun and challenging activities.

Sport for Development and Peace

The United Nations has recently launched a “Sport for Hope Centre” in Port-au-Prince in the Republic of Haiti. For the UN, sport is not simply a way of expelling physical energies and learning a new skill, but can be seen as a means to inspire Hope and Peace in impoverished and war torn countries. For sport provides an even platform where people of different nations can speak the same language and share the same passion, promoting respect excellence and friendship amongst nations.

For more information about DTR’s Sports Development program and Surf Outreach, click here.

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