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The Effects of Poverty on Teaching and Learning

Volunteer teaching opportunities in South Africa

Going to school is a privilege in South Africa as financial constraints and social challenges result in many children not completing their school education, making volunteer teaching opportunities invaluable.

Problems facing the South African education system

Education is one of the key indicators of human development and wellbeing. In South Africa, the right to education is linked to the historical and social difficulties left over from the Apartheid era when specific communities based on race were restricted access to proper educational syllabuses. 20 Years later, this fragmentation of the education system still impacts the current state of education today as inequalities are still in the process of being addressed.

Social and economic factors

A lack of funding and inequitable opportunities in the lives of children have a big impact on the probability that they will not finish school up to a matric diploma. Some children don’t have the monetary funds to afford the annual school fees and many are forced to drop out in order to become providers for their families, finding jobs in order to make ends meet. It is to this end that Dreams To Reality provide teaching opportunities in South Africa for students who wants to teach abroad with the aim to create equal education opportunities for all.

Volunteer teaching opportunities in South Africa

Due to the lack of funding and challenges that the majority of the previous disadvantaged communities face Dreams To Reality as volunteer organisation aims to assist with the education of children in Cape Town specifically. The DTR team built Tutoring Centres at local Capetonian schools and in these Centres pupils can work in either a one-on-one or group capacity with volunteers to address any difficulties they may be having with their school work. The Teaching program provides students from abroad to have the opportunity to volunteer and teach in South Africa and help us educate the next generation of South Africans.

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