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The Importance of Childcare Programs in Disadvantaged Communities

The early years are critical for the development of the child. From birth to seven years, important physical, mental, emotional and social developments take place. In order to facilitate this growth, a child should be provided with a supportive environment where he/she has access to good health, proper nutrition and early learning.

In communities, and especially in disadvantaged communities, childcare programs play an important role in providing essential services and a safe environment for a child’s optimal development. In poor and rural communities, there are many obstacles that stand in the way of a young child developing his/her full potential. Childcare programs, volunteers and workers in these areas have to overcome harsh circumstances while providing adequate care for children and youth despite a lack of resources.

Volunteers who work with young children in South Africa, often have to provide services in communities where children face crime, abuse, poverty, unemployment, and the HIV/AIDS epidemic on a daily basis. Taking childcare services to children in these contexts is both a responsibility and a challenge and programs have to provide children with a safe space where they can realise their potential in spite of their environment. In communities where children often have to do without, childcare programs play an important role in providing essential services.

Dreams To Reality’s Childcare Program

As a volunteer organisation, we at Dreams To Reality (DTR) believe in providing volunteers with quality, flexible, safe and highly affordable volunteer placements in two communities near Cape Town. We offer a variety of volunteer programs that you can participate in, including a Teaching, Computer Training, Sports, and Surfing Development Program, and a Childcare Volunteer Program.

Our Childcare Project comprises of taking care of the children in the community. Providing them with education and creative activities while also helping with teaching, cooking, feeding, and caring for the children and babies. We collaborate with three different daycare centers and volunteers will work at a center for 3 to 4 hours daily. It is important to realise that all the children who come to our daycare programs are from poor backgrounds and broken homes. Many have lost their parents to crime, alcohol, HIV/AIDs or drug abuse. Many of these children have to live with neighbours or relatives who do not have the time or money to take care of them properly.

To become a Dreams To Reality volunteer, click here.

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