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The Role Sports Can Play In Uplifting Disadvantaged Children

In South Africa, a lack of resources in disadvantaged communities means that many schools do not have after-school sports programs. This leaves a lot of children without a constructive way to spend their time. Participating in team and individual sports teaches children valuable life lessons. These lessons can be particularly important for children from disadvantaged communities as they often don’t have other avenues of engagement. Implementing effective sports programs is important for a child’s holistic development, and is essential in communities where children often have to go without. Sport is an effective tool for physical, psychological and social development and can empower underprivileged children by:

  • Building individual self-esteem.
  • Teaching children the value of teamwork and how to overcome conflict.
  • Social integration and acceptance.
  • Erasing racial and cultural boundaries.
  • Improving their health and immune systems.
  • Providing bonding opportunities as well as a safe space for discussing issues that affect young people’s lives.
  • Channelling young people’s passion and energy in a constructive way.
  • Providing these children with skills and discipline they would otherwise not have had.

Dreams To Reality (DTR) offers Sports and Surf Development Programs

The DTR foundation aims to provide international volunteers with quality, flexible, safe and highly affordable volunteering placements in two communities near Cape Town, South Africa. While DTR offers Teaching, Computer and Childcare volunteering programs, they also offer Sports and Surf Development Programs. Communities can be united through sports events and programs to support and protect their children and to create supportive, child friendly environments. By promoting mass participation in sport through community sporting events that that foster physical development and increase awareness of child rights, health and survival, DTR aims to empower and uplift these children and their communities.

DTR’s Sports Development Program operates in primary schools around the Western Cape and focuses on developing physical skills and general life skills. When you become a volunteer for DTR’s Sports Project, you get to work with children from Grade 1 to 7 and are responsible for the planning, delivery and evaluating of creative and innovative Physical Education in lessons which link directly to the Western Cape Education Department. Volunteers can also participate in after-school sport projects.

DTR also offers a Surf Outreach Program. Surfing is one of the most thrilling and exciting water sports anyone can get involved in. DTR has incorporated this activity into a program which provides pupils, from the schools we work with, the opportunity to learn how to surf in addition to teaching them valuable life skills. As a volunteer, you will be given the chance to learn how to surf with an instructor and have full use of surfboard in the mornings. Volunteers for this program must know how to swim but you do not need to know how to surf. It is important to note that the project incorporates surfing as well as school duties.

To find out more about these programs and how you can sign up for them, click here.

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