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The TriRock-Robben Island Triathlon

Heritage and athletic competition comes together at this unique Cape Town event on Robben Island.

Successful triathlon for 2 years

The TriRock-Robben Island Triathlon has been running successfully for 2 years and is held at Cape Town’s most famous offshore heritage site and on 1 November 2014 athletes from over the world will once again have the opportunity to take part in this signature three-discipline competition.


Robben Island and the spirit of Madiba

It always seems impossible until it is done – Nelson Mandela

The TriRock-Robben Island contest embodies the spirit and life-long belief of late President Nelson Mandela, who has resided in the prison for over 26 years during the Apartheid era, which makes the venue for the race even more fitting and inspiring. This gruelling contest tests the commitment of athletes from all over, testing your strength of spirit and endurance during the demanding 8 hour race.

Now also including a 14-km run

This year’s TriRock-Robben Island Triathlon is a bit different from the years before, having added a 14-km runner’s route to the existing race route. Not only can athletes now partake in the triathlon, but joggers who wishes to take part in the Run can now also experience the magic and inspiration of the race. The addition of the brand new race is to give the average jogger the same unique experience as the triathletes but without the demand of the thrice-as-hard swimming, cycling and running challenge.

Tri-Robben Island

Explore Robben Island

The contest provides athletes a unique view of Robben Island, not open to members of the public during the usual tour. Triathletes get to swim in the frigid water of the harbour, run and cycle past many of the island’s landmarks including the limestone pits where Nelson Mandela once did hard labour and the WWII cannon on the outskirts of the island. Athletes staying the night are also able to stay over on Robben Island with accommodation being available in the prison cells. The prison cell accommodation also includes an evening prison tour and lecture with ex-prisoner and warden, letting the spirit of Robben Island inspire the athletes for the difficult race the next day.

Spots are limited, so be sure to register soon to avoid disappointment. Registration can be done online through the website, Trirock-robbenisland.com


Images: Kapstadt Magazine, Cape Town Magazine

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