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Volunteer Concerns When Travelling Abroad

Volunteering abroad

When you go to into a completely strange environment and probably don’t know the language and might be feeling really anxious about it, then understanding something about cultural norms, the politics and history of the country, understanding how best to behave, understanding the relationship between men and women, and understanding some of the language can make a crucial difference to your volunteering experience.

Of course if volunteering involves travelling to some of the most beautiful parts of the world then so much the better, have a good look at the breathtaking beauty of Cape Town! Volunteering in the knowledge that making a difference where it is needed while discovering new things about ourselves and that pitching in together with like minded people is a great way to meet new friends.

It’s important that you choose your volunteering organisation carefully. Our advice would be to ask to see detailed reports on the effectiveness of the projects before you travel and to ask how local people are involved in the decision making processes. Dreams to Reality has a Facebook page and forum where it is possibly to engage with previous volunteers, a great way to get some insight into the programmes we have to offer.

Volunteering is a great way to take time out from your sightseeing and partying to give back to the communities, countries, and greater world that has given you so much on your travels. One of the excuses people give about why they don’t volunteer is that they never feel like they have time. However, while travelling, you have plenty of time, and plenty of opportunities.

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