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Volunteering: A Little Goes a Long Way

Never fear that your volunteering contribution was of too little impact and that the lives you have reached are simply limited to your face-to-face contacts. Be assured that the whole community have benefited by your willingness to volunteer, potentially for generations to come.

Victoria Beckham visits Cape Town for UNAIDS

Cape Town has recently been in the spotlight as volunteering capital during February. Victoria Beckham visited various Cape Town hospitals and institutions as part of a volunteering campaign by Born Free, which aims to end the transmission from HIV mothers to their babies.

Creating awareness for your cause

During her two day stay she has managed to create more awareness for South African charities locally and reached thousands of potential volunteers abroad. While we are not as famous and newsworthy as the fabulous fashionista and ex-Spice Girl, it just goes to show how one person’s sacrifice and effort can significantly impact an important cause and community.

Measuring your contribution

As a volunteer, every 5 minutes of your time dedicated to the upliftment and education of a less fortunate individual needs to be measured, not in the actual amount of time allocated, but in the lifelong impact it will have on the person.

Every little bit counts

The significance of your offering, while potentially meaningless to you, is of infinite value to those to whom it is a new experience. Tying your shoe laces might not be the most important life skill you have ever learnt, but it is most surely the skill that will be used most in your lifetime, and which you will pass on to the next generation and the next.

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