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Voluntourism: Volunteer Tourism

A great opportunity to do something for underprivileged communities and charitable causes, while simultaneously enjoying a unique travel experience.

More than just a holiday

With the demands of everyday life becoming increasingly difficult and time becoming more of a commodity, it is not unusual that people don’t have enough time to do everything they wish to do and thus holidays are for more than just a simply getaway.

Volunteer Tourism

With volunteer tourism you not only get to visit a foreign country but you can get an in-depth insight into the culture and people – a more gratifying and memorable experience than simply going along the road most travelled. You don’t just get to see the people, but get to meet them and make friends for life.

Volunteering is also a very rewarding and gratifying experience not only for the organisation receiving the support, but for the individual who are able to, sometimes with no additional skill, provide help to those in need. And while volunteering is all about providing support for the communities in need, as part of a volunteer organisation you could get a window into a world you would never have seen on a standard travel package.

Volunteer organisations

While all Dreams To Reality’s programs are aimed at improving the quality of life for children in South Africa, as volunteer you will be exposed to a lot of fantastic local destinations and watering holes. Your weekends are also your own, giving you time enough to “play tourist” and explore the many tourist attractions in Cape Town and surrounding areas.

So why not combine your travel plans with your wish to give back to the community? Learn more about Dreams To Reality’s programs and make your next vacation an exploration in voluntourism.



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