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What the Dreams To Reality Team Has Been Up To

As a volunteer organisation that offers safe, flexible and inexpensive placement for international volunteers, Dreams To Reality aims to empower underprivileged communities in the Cape Town area. Take a look at what the team has been up to over the past week:

Community Outreach in Khayelitsha

Last Wednesday, 5 June, the Dreams To Reality (DTR) team took 15 of their volunteers to an outreach where they rebuilt roof shacks in a disadvanataged community. The volunteers travelled to the Khayeliltsha Township which lies on the outskirts of Cape Town and spent the day building and re-building roofs in the community.

Times are tough for these communities during the cold, wet and windy Cape Town winters. Poorly built houses -or “shacks” as they are called- are prone to leak, and break down at the slightest change in weather and extreme weather conditions over the past couple of weeks left many of the houses in tatters.

Dreams To Reality did this charity work in conjunction with Hillsong Church. In addition to rebuilding the roofs and donating 10 roof sheets, the DTR team also made up 50 food parcels which they handed out to the people in the community. The food parcels consisted of blankets, sugar, maize meal, pasta, baked beans and rice.

School Holiday Sports Program

The winter school holidays in South Africa run from 22 June to 14 July.

During this holiday, Dreams To Reality will be running a Sports Holiday Program for the children of Capricorn Township. This program will keep the kids who don’t have anything else to do or anywhere else to go, occupied and active during the day. It will offer a variety of activities and sports, including soccer, baseball and cricket.

A three week Holiday Surf Program will also run during this period.

Do you want to help out? Click here to find out more and become a Dreams To Reality volunteer.

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