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What Volunteering Can Do For You Spiritually

Volunteering in Cape Town

Maybe volunteering is something that should be taught at a young age, It’s essential for the soul, it regenerates you, gives you a purpose.

While reflecting on which is the best way to achieve this kind of development, there is good news: sometimes, we have to look outside of ourselves in order to strive for spiritual growth! The best way to do this? Volunteer.

Why should you devote some of your time to volunteering?

Organisations need help desperately. Your help, no matter how insignificant you think it may be, is appreciated far more than you realise. Imagine if everybody devoted an hour or two each week into giving back. What a difference it would make! Why not lead the charge?

Volunteering gives us perspective. Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder that our lives are not the only ones that need improvement. There is perhaps no experience more humbling than volunteering abroad in a third world country ; opening your eyes to what is really going on in the world and learning that you really are a lucky human being is very spiritually awakening.

In the end, you are given more than what you take. Lending a helping hand to other people is enormously rewarding. Not only do you learn new things along your journey, you fill it with people that are working with you, not against you. Furthermore, volunteering is a quick way for you to feel good about yourself. Have you felt as though you need guidance or some sense of direction in your life? Have you felt unworthy or unloved lately? Volunteer. The experience will move you profoundly.

A few helpful tips to consider:

  1. Look for something that is interesting to you. If you enjoy the company of animals, volunteer at an animal shelter or sanctuary. If you like working with children, volunteer as a teacher’s aid. If you prefer quiet, peaceful surroundings, lend a hand at a library or a museum. If you like more a more populated environment, spend some time at a soup kitchen or a sports event. Volunteering should never be boring!

  2. Volunteer somewhere where you are appreciated. There is nothing worse than showing up somewhere willing to lend a hand only to be unacknowledged, unless it is showing up somewhere willing to lend a hand and then having your arms, legs, shoulders, and feet demanded as well.

  3. Take advantage of the new opportunities. Meet new friends, gain new knowledge, and make different connections. You will find that in the end, volunteering does more for your spiritual growth than you could have ever imagined!

Remember that behind every great volunteer is a great volunteer coordinator. Those unsung heroes that have the demanding task of putting everything together. They deal with different personalities and situations always ready with an answer and a solution.

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