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Why Poor Schools Need More Volunteers

Schools with poor resources from across the globe rely heavily on government support and the efforts from volunteers and volunteer organisations to provide children with basic education.

Volunteering in schools

There are many opportunities available in the school system for volunteers and volunteer organisations, with a lot of school programs having only basic requirements in order to volunteer. Whether a volunteer is a high school graduate or a TEFL student, most schools only require a grasp of the English language and selfless effort.

Benefits for the schools

The tasks and responsibilities of school volunteers are typically in a supportive nature. Assisting the qualified teacher with their curriculum and helping with the activities and maintaining order in schools that are usually plagued by large classes and little in the way of school books and facilities. Volunteer support also provide children with the opportunity for one on one attention, something that is rare in their circumstances and that will make a considerable impact on the child’s performance and ability to learn.

Benefits for the volunteers

Much like the benefits of any type of volunteering there are great rewards for the volunteer, student, and school. In addition to intangible rewards, volunteers can add relevant experience to their resumes. Volunteers who travel to assist may learn foreign culture and language. Volunteering in schools can be an additional teaching guide for the students and help to fill the gap of local teachers. Cultural and language exchange during teaching and other school activities can be the most essential learning experience for both students and volunteers.

Teaching Program at Dreams To Reality

Volunteers who sign up for the DTR Teaching Program will make an important impact on young children’s education. They will be placed at either one of the two local community public schools where they will work alongside local teachers and other international volunteers. The academic subjects that volunteers will assist in teaching are Life Skills, Social Studies, English, Mathematics and Physical Studies. The DTR team built Tutoring Centres at both schools and in these Centres pupils can work in either a one-on-one or group capacity with volunteers to address any difficulties they may be having with their school work.

Contact us today to become part of DTR’s Teaching Program and help impoverished school children better their education in Cape Town.

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