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Your Day as a Surf Outreach Volunteer

Surf Volunteering

DTR is one of the volunteer organisations in South Africa that offer volunteer opportunities in- and outside the classroom with DTR’s Surf Outreach project being the most exciting of all.

1 000 volunteers over 3 years

In the past three years Dreams To Reality has had approximately 1000 volunteers, making us one of the busiest volunteering organizations in South Africa. On average we get about 50 volunteers a month, which means that you will be able to volunteer, share adventures and develop friendships with people from across the world who are also passionate about helping others.

Surf Outreach project

Want to help teach Cape Town’s children something they can’t learn in the school room? Then DTR’s Surf Outreach project is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you. The DTR Surf Outreach teaches children valuable life skills such as swimming and team building and focuses on teaching the next generation the importance of social responsibility for a sustainable environment.

You don’t need to know how to surf

The best thing about volunteering as part of the DTR Surf Outreach is that you can also learn a new skill as you don’t need to know how to surf in order to be a surf program volunteer. If you wish to sign up as a volunteer for the Surf Outreach project all you need is to be a competent swimmer. During the mornings and while the children are at school, you will get the opportunity to take surfing lessons from a professional instructor and therefore know the exercises that the children will enjoy in the afternoon. The instructor will also be present during you’re the day-to-day lessons to help with the training and responsibilities.

Your day as a surf volunteer

After your full day of orientation, you leave for your respective program and get to meet all the volunteers and staff involved in the Surf Outreach project. Pupils for the Surf Outreach are between 9 to 15 years old. The Grades 4 and 5 and rotate every second week with the Grades 6 and 7 and all of the students are able to speak basic English. On the project, three days a week are spent surfing and two days are spent playing games on the beach. Assessing progress and personal interaction with the pupils are important and you’ll be expected to clean wetsuits, clean the Surf Development Centre, and prepare sandwiches for the children as well as plan activities for the children and teaching them how to surf. Surf volunteers will also spend one day a week in one of the DTR schools in order to see how pupils act in an academic atmosphere, as surfing is seen as a privilege.

For more information on the Surf Outreach click here.

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