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Your Day as a Teacher Volunteer

Dreams To Reality provides exciting volunteer teaching projects abroad.

Orientation day to get acquainted

Before getting started, Dreams To Reality provides you as teacher volunteer with a day of orientation to welcome them to Cape Town and help you settle down and get to know everyone. The orientation is a thorough introduction to everything you need to know about your volunteer experience and provides you with information about the local volunteer communities, placements, projects, Cape Town and everything else the you might need to have the best volunteer teaching experience abroad.

Volunteering week schedule

Every volunteer programme has a weekly schedule to ensure that all volunteers know what to expect and to best prepare for their volunteer teaching project abroad.

As a DTR volunteer, this is what you can expect a normal day to be like:

  • Each morning after breakfast, you will leave to go to their respective programs and transport will be provided.
  • Once you have arrived at the schools, you will get to meet with the staff of the community school to which you have been assigned and get to meet the children!
  • After assisting with your classes for the day, you can assist in the sports development project r computer training programs and your day will finish between 2.30 pm and 3:30 pm.
  • When your volunteering for the day is finished, you are free to spend your time as they choose by shopping, visiting tourist attractions, going to restaurants, or going back to the volunteer house and relax.
  • Every evening DTR will provide all volunteers with dinner at the volunteer house and everyone can get together to swop stories of their days at their various programs.
  • You don’t have to participate in any volunteer work over the weekend and will have time to indulge in and explore the sights, sounds and tastes of Cape Town. Volunteers can ask to take long weekends if they wish to go on safaris or travel a further away from the Mother City to places such as the Garden Route.

Find out how you can be a part of volunteer teaching projects abroad.

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