About of DTR

DTR is an organisation committed to providing international tourists/volunteers who travel for a purpose with quality, flexible, safe and affordable Travel & Volunteering adventure experiences.

We host our international travellers/volunteers by providing them with Accommodation, Meals, Transport, 24-hour emergency support, Authentic Travel & Volunteer Adventure Experiences with Qualified Tour Guides. Our international travellers/volunteers are placed at some of the community organizations DTR works with, such as, Crèches (Kindergarten), Primary Schools and Wild Life Parks in and around Cape Town while offering adventure activities with some of the most reputable tour companies in and around Cape Town. We also own a Development Surf School which caters only to children from underserved communities DTR works with. Our vision is to:

  • Provide safe, quality international travellers/volunteer genuine affordable packages while contributing and making a difference in underserved communities.
  • Assistance to local community organizations (Crèches, Primary Schools, Wild Life Parks) through providing short term (one week to 8 weeks) international volunteers and adventure.
  • Authentic international Travel & Volunteer Adventure experiences, achieved by working with local community organizations.
  • Educate both local communities (through travellers/volunteers) and travellers/volunteers (through their volunteer experience and interaction with local people).
  • Provide an opportunity for people to experience different cultures.

By providing aid to underserved communities, our mission is to increase education and create awareness through the skills and expertise offered by international travellers/volunteers from their selected communities and institutions, but also through the experiences and lessons travellers/volunteers will in turn take back to their own countries and communities.

DTR Values

Our values as an organization are strongly embedded in giving back and making a difference. At its inception, DTR wanted to make sure that the organization embodied the following values, which are at the centre of everything DTR as an organisation stands for:

  • Empowerment of others.
  • Accountability to our clients and the community we serve.
  • Integrity – standing for what is fair and just.
  • Respect for everyone regardless of background and status.
  • Consistency in the standard of service we provide.
  • Transparency through open and honest communication.
  • A sense of community – to work as a collective with a common goal.